Monthly Archives: October 2017

Pet therapy at Clifden House

October 16, 2017

A Noah’s ark of creatures visit us Clifden House, Dementia Care Centre on a regularly basis. As part of its ongoing pet therapy programme, Clifden House on Claremont Road welcomed menagerie of pets, reptiles and small animals to include lizards, snakes, hedgehogs and rabbits.   Nial Joyce, Clifden House,  said: “Research from the International Psychogeriatric […]

Bird of a feather – Art collaboration bridges the generation gap

October 2, 2017

Children from across Sussex are collaborating with us to produce an extravagant artwork. The Creative Instincts club at St. Nicholas primary, Portslade has created hand-crafted textiles that are now in the hands of former art teacher, Verna Rose. Verna, who resides with us, is tasked with compiling these elements to create a very large textile peacock. […]