Our approach to care

At Clifden House we:

  • ­Aim to reduce the use of unnecessary medication
  • ­Maximise each individual’s potential through activities and choice
  • ­Help to alleviate the symptoms of dementia in a caring and supportive environment

Clifden House delivers highly qualified and personal care, to suit the needs of each dementia resident. Our aim is to facilitate each person to continue to live a fulfilling and active life, with privacy, dignity and security, for as long as possible.

Care plans are at the forefront of our delivery of care. The input, views and advice of family and residents’ representatives are very much encouraged – as this can help improve the quality of life for that person. The needs and requirements of each person are constantly changing, and the care team leaders routinely reassess these needs.

Reducing harmful medication

Clifden House has a unique philosophy on dementia care. We focus on reducing unnecessary medication and sedation in order to release the living potential within the individual.