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7 tips on how to communicate more effectively with somebody with dementia.

November 17, 2017

According to lastest research by Alzhemiers Research UK, 2.11% of the population of Lewes or 1,926 people are living with dementia. The Wealden district has 1,866 people living with dementia , equivalent to 1.75% of population. Eastbourne has 2,292 people living with dementia, which is 2.09% of the population. In total 2.7% of the population […]

Dare devil heights for dementia

November 6, 2017

An Eastbourne lady, whose husband Derek resides with us at Clifden House dementia care centre, completed a dare devil wing walk to raise awareness and help reduce the stigma of dementia. Delia Spindlow, whose husband was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago said “It’s hard when someone close to you has dementia. While my husband […]