September 28, 2018

Fulfilling and Rewarding Job Opportunities at Clifden House

We are looking for dedicated full-time night team members plus a Senior Carer to join our fabulous team delivering the very best of care.

42 hours a week with competitive pay, pension and lots of cake on your birthday!

Two week rotation includes work on alternate weekends, so please ensure availability before applying.  DBS check will be requested.

Please send your CV and covering note to:

Join our team

Full-time positions available for night team members

Nial Joyce – Managing Director
Email: nialjoyce@gmail.com
80-88 Claremont Road
Seaford, East Sussex
BN25 2QD

Senior Carer

The senior carer ensures that Clifden House provides a service that is:

CARING and treats people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.
SAFE and protects individuals from abuse and harm.
EFFECTIVE, in achieving good outcomes for our residents, and improving their quality of life.
RESPONSIVE to people’s needs and feedback and willing and capable of effective change.
WELL-LED by being open, inclusive, person-centred and innovative in achieving the highest quality.

To be SAFE, the senior carer will:

  • Actively protect individuals from avoidable harm and potential abuse.
  • Maintain a culture of meaningfully learning from mistakes and complaints, and being open to observations from other team members, families and care professionals.
  • Actively encourage the raising of concerns as part of day to day practice and so disregard nothing that could lead to an improvement in resident safety.
  • Manage behaviour that challenges in a positive manner, and review regularly.
  • Recognise that proportionate risk assessments are key to upholding the needs of the individual
  • Manage medication consistently, accurately and safely through auditing, monitoring and documentation, as well as effective liaison with GP’s and pharmacy.
  • Maintain infection control and general safety in the home.
  • Follow up issues outstanding within their shift to ensure a positive outcome for residents is not delayed.

To be EFFECTIVE, the senior carer will:

  • Assist the team manager in allocating tasks, managing and delegating the actions of a team of carers in an innovative and proactive fashion, directing, facilitating and so developing that team to be better carers and maximise positive outcomes for residents.
  • Ensure that all team members operate according to their job descriptions and monitor and observe their delivery of care, feeding back on findings and managing improvement as necessary.
  • Uphold Deprivation of Liberty and Mental Capacity Act 2005 legislation to always take into account people’s capacity and ability to make choices for themselves.
  • Take proactive responsibility for delivery of safe, timely and appropriate care, care planning and assessment of risk.
  • Use preventative and proactive measures, including appropriate and timely interaction with external health and social care professionals to maximise positive outcomes.
  • Be innovative in actively emphasising the importance of eating and drinking well, especially for individuals with difficulties in maintaining adequate nutrition.
  • Ensure timely, accurate and comprehensive documentation, then use this to direct care.
  • Make effective use of the resources within the home to ensure that documentation is completed, falls recorded, turns made, continence managed, nutrition assistance given, social activity maintained, etc.
  • Go out of their way to meet individual needs and ensure no resident is neglected.

To be CARING, the senior carer will:

  • Direct, encourage and maintain a compassionate person centred culture, proving that the resident’s past and future goals, hopes, needs and preferences really do matter, and will be proven in the manner of their care.
  • Use innovative and person centred methods of communication, in particular with residents whose dementia impacts on their ability to communicate effectively their own wishes and choices.

To be RESPONSIVE, the senior carer will:

  • Recognise that person centred care is central to our service.
  • Deliver proactive personalised care, documented in a care plan created in liaison with family, friends and advocates, and reviewed regularly and promptly as required.
  • Comprehensively handover to each care team relevant changes and active requirements needed to deliver the planned outcomes.
  • Deliver social activity which maintains independence and active links with the outside community and minimises social isolation.
  • Meaningfully, honestly and proactively utilise feedback and complaints, from within and outside the service, to improve the service and deliver continuously improving care.

To ensure Clifden House is WELL LED, the senior carer will:

  • Be answerable and supportive to the manager and manage in their absence.
  • Lead by example and motivate staff team through active guidance and support, whether on the floor or in individual supervision, and so be an excellent role model.
  • Support staff in questioning practice and reporting concerns, and maintain an awareness of the lines of accountability within the home.
  • Continually strive to improve and develop self and others over time, reflecting upon strengths and weaknesses of practice.
  • Monitor quality on an ongoing basis and continually improve the service.
  • Manage time constraints and maintain balance between actively coordinating on the floor care with the care team and maintaining documentation oversight.
  • Recognise that the senior carers are the the safety net to ensure no individual is neglected, and that all jobs necessary to deliver outstanding care have been achieved within their shift.
  • Recognise that you will be assessed by and accountable to CQC and other quality monitoring bodies, including in house, and potentially answerable to safeguarding authorities, where it will be necessary to display the above qualities in action.